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Unlocking the opportunities of inflight connectivity


Welcome to Boost, a compilation of original insights that examines the inflight connectivity revolution’s impact on ancillary revenue – both today and tomorrow.

As Inmarsat’s passenger survey reveals, inflight Wi-Fi is fast becoming a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. The opportunity for airlines is to find a way of not just covering the cost of the service, but making it a profit generator.

To that end, the Boost section includes the findings of an in-depth, independent study – authored by Dr Alexander Grous at the London School of Economics – which comprehensively assesses the socio-economic impact of the inflight Wi-Fi revolution. The ground-breaking report also gives airlines robust forecasts for market potential to inform their business models.

Elsewhere, there’s a forecast of what the future of inflight retail might look like, plus a view on how inflight broadband will impact IFE, and much more. It’s a brave new world full of possibilities, so read on to discover how the connectivity revolution can help grow the airline industry now, and in the future.