EAN is already available to 30,000 passengers every day

Almost two million passengers have travelled on flights with access to the inflight broadband solution since it entered soft launches with initial airline customers

The European Aviation Network (EAN) is not only live and flying, it’s now being offered by airlines to more than 30,000 passengers each day on over 100 routes across the continent.

As the fastest inflight broadband service in Europe, EAN is currently in soft launch phases with initial airline customers, allowing passengers to seamlessly browse the internet, stream video and audio, access social media, enjoy real-time interactive gaming, and more.

To date, almost two million passengers have travelled on flights with access to the award-winning connectivity solution, covering key destinations such as London, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Lisbon, Prague, Rome and Vienna.

Woman on aircraft enjoying media

“EAN has established an unprecedented new benchmark for inflight broadband, not only in Europe but on a global basis. It combines the expertise of Europe’s most innovative companies to provide best-in-class connectivity unmatched by any other solution,” states Philip Balaam, President of Inmarsat Aviation.

“We have been working with our initial airline customers to monitor and fine-tune the service during their soft launches before it’s rolled out on their wider fleets. We are extremely pleased with the initial response from both the airlines and their passengers, which is testament to the important role EAN is already playing in the European aviation industry.”

Building upon a unique European infrastructure, EAN marks a paradigm shift in the airline passenger experience for the continent, with incomparable speeds, uninterrupted coverage and significantly lower latency than any other inflight broadband network in the market. 

“This vision of a unique, pan-European high-speed inflight connectivity network is being deployed with advanced infrastructure in the skies and on the ground,” adds Balaam.

Developed by Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom in partnership with leading European companies such as Thales, Nokia, Airbus, Cobham and EAD Aerospace, EAN has been designed from scratch specifically for the needs of European aviation. It delivers consistent inflight broadband across European airspace, one of the world’s most congested aviation regions, with more than one billion passengers and 11 million flights per year.

“We are delighted that airline passengers are now enjoying the game-changing inflight broadband capabilities of the European Aviation Network,” explains Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier. “This is a momentous achievement, not only for Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat, but for all the European partners involved in getting this highly innovative solution off to such a flying start.”

EAN antenna on top of aircraft

For airline customers, EAN offers the fastest ever installation time for a connectivity solution, requiring under nine hours per aircraft, meaning significantly less downtime. Combined with the system’s low weight, low drag and low maintenance, this results in lower overall operation costs.

There are other huge benefits for airlines too, as new ancillary revenue streams are unlocked through access to paid services, advertising, e-commerce and premium content.

Nafziger sums it up perfectly, concluding that “EAN has a bright future ahead as it continues to roll out on more and more aircraft with initial airline customers over the coming months. In addition, its lightweight, small and low maintenance equipment provides a hugely compelling business case for other European carriers.”

Inmarsat recently hosted a grand celebration in London, not only to mark the considerable accomplishment of soft launches with the first airlines, but also to thank the talented teams both internally and from various European partners that made it possible. The invitation list included a powerhouse ecosystem of partners that has been essential in creating EAN.