Lufthansa’s Digital Aviation Day

Lufthansa’s ‘Digital Aviation Forum’ showcases the future of connectivity at 35,000 ft. In January 2017, it invited the industry to experience next-gen high-speed broadband in the cabin, using Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service. Here’s what happened.

Journalist Jeff Jarvis gave a keynote on digital frontiers proclaiming, ‘service is everything’.

And Lufthansa, an early adopter and partner with Inmarsat, is clearly aiming to provide the best digital airline service in 2017. So says their CEO…

At the forum, there were plenty of innovative benefits of connected aviation.

Including Inmarsat’s GX Aviation, providing high-speed Wi-Fi to aircraft cabins and bringing aircraft into the digital age.

For #DigitalAviation day, Lufthansa sent media on a GX Aviation-equipped flight to experience first-hand the complete connectivity Inmarsat can provide – a cabin with truly global broadband in the sky…

‘Here we go: the @lufthansa WIFI costs 3-12€ per flight. #DigitalAviation’

The assembled media were impressed. Inmarsat’s GX Aviation works – it’s not just an idea, it’s a reality.

From South Africa:

From France: ‘Press release broadcast live from the plane thanks to 3 giant satellites. Rather impressive @Lufthansa’

From Spain: ‘Nah, nah ... streaming press conference ... from the cockpit and the galley! Incredible experience with #Lufthansa

‘#Lufthansa digital aviation pioneer. Software customised for each user, and broadband internet on board #DigitalAviation’

Passenger experience is being redefined, with the world’s first truly global, high-speed broadband service from a single operator.