NBAA 2016 Day One: Jet ConneX steals the show

No time was wasted on the opening day of NBAA-BACE 2016 as Inmarsat announced the highly anticipated introduction of their latest in-flight broadband service, Jet ConneX. Read on for highlights from day one.

Jet ConneX has arrived

It brought Inmarsat great pleasure to announce the Commercial Service Introduction of Jet ConneX – Inmarsat’s next generation in-flight broadband service for business aviation customers. Jet ConneX is designed to transform the private jet experience by offering passengers an onboard connectivity service that is reliable, high-speed and on par with broadband available on the ground.

Kurt Weidemeyer, Inmarsat’s Vice President of Business and General Aviation, was excited to share the announcement with the industry. He said, “Jet ConneX has been developed over a number of years as a transformative connectivity service for the business aviation industry. Interest from the market has been overwhelming and we are delighted to have now reached the exciting milestone of commercial service introduction.”

Jet ConneX customers will be able to sit back and enjoy streaming Netflix, while sending emails, and text messages – all simultaneously while flying at 500mph. It gives a whole new meaning to cloud-based office solutions.

A stop-start projection for aviation industry

According to Honeywell’s recent 5th annual Global Business Aviation Outlook the business aviation industry continues to face a slow near-term pace of orders, while the midterm looks stronger. This is due to a slow-growth economic environment across many global markets along with many political uncertainties A key global finding from the outlook showed that 2017 deliveries are projected to be slightly lower, however this does reflect the transitions to new models slated for late 2017 and 2018 service entry. While business may be slow in the short term, the demand for the 2017/18 models means the mid term looks healthy.

Dassault Aviation already on board with Jet ConneX

As well as announcing the introduction of Jet ConneX, we can bring the news that the service is now available on all Dassault Aviation aircraft. The milestone was achieved after existing radomes for Dassault Aviation’s 7X/8X and aftermarket F900 aircraft group aircraft were tested and authorised to operate with the exclusive JetWave Ka-band hardware, manufactured by Inmarsat’s partner Honeywell for the Jet ConneX service.

Jet ConneX global data plans are now available for Dassault Aviation aircraft and significantly exceed other existing satcom offerings in the market, including Ku-band services.

You can find Honeywell’s 5th annual Global Business Aviation Outlook in full here.