NBAA 2016 Day Two: Jet ConneX continues to make waves

With Inmarsat kicking-off day one of NBAA-BACE 2016 with the arrival of Jet ConneX, day two saw plenty of big announcements regarding the next generation system. Read on for highlights from day two.

Gulfstream onboard with Jet ConneX

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation today revealed they are incorporating Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX into their large-cabin aircraft. Once installed – which they’re planning for early 2017 - passengers can look forward to the same high quality broadband in the sky as they experience on the ground.

“Jet ConneX provides high-speed Wi-Fi service that is up to 34 times faster than that some of our operators currently have,” said Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream. “Passengers will be able to stream videos, make and receive phone calls on their personal smartphones and watch live television almost anywhere.”

The hardware used to link Jet ConneX with Gulfstream’s aircraft is supplied by Honeywell. Gulfstream and Honeywell partnered to begin flight testing of Jet ConneX on a Honeywell-owned G650 in July 2016. Their in-service evaluation, which is ongoing for several aircraft, will continue until mid-2017.

For those at NBAA-BACE 2016 lookout for Gulfstream’s G650ER and G500 demonstration aircraft, which feature Jet ConneX.

Jet ConneX provides high-speed Wi-Fi service that is up to 34 times faster than that some of our operators currently have

High-speed Internet takes to the sky

Bombardier Global 5000 in Flight

Bombardier announced today that it has begun deliveries of the first new Global aircraft equipped with the fastest in-flight Internet access in business aviation. The new Ka-band system is powered by Honeywell’s JetWaveTM Satcom system and features Inmarsat’s new Jet Connex service. Customers onboard Global aircraft will now enjoy the Internet, streaming online media or staging videoconferences as quickly and effortlessly as they would in the office or home.

Paul Sislian, Chief Operating Officer for Bombardier Business Aircraft said, “Customers routinely rank connectivity as the most sought-after cabin service, and Bombardier’s Ka-band system is a further example of how we are leading the industry in delivering the ultimate cabin experience to our customers.”

The partnership between Bombardier and Inmarsat is being viewed as a significant milestone in business aviation. “Our Jet ConneX broadband service with seamless worldwide coverage is a central component in this ground-breaking solution”, said Kurt Weidemeyer, Vice President, Business Aviation at Inmarsat. “The ultra-long-range Global aircraft can link virtually any key city pair worldwide, non-stop, an Bombardier’s Ka-band system is powerful enough to deliver consistent coverage at speeds previously unheard of in business aviation.”