GX Aviation - Inmarsat Aviation

Reliable, high quality, airline-shaped, global Wi-Fi

The world’s first truly global, high-speed broadband service, from a single, trusted partner. GX Aviation is engineered for the needs of the airline industry, combining global coverage with unique steerable beams that direct additional capacity wherever it’s required. Powered by Global Xpress, GX creates the platform for service innovations that revolutionise inflight experience, unlock new revenue streams and build deeper passenger relationships.

  • Uninterrupted worldwide coverage over the Global Xpress network
  • The most reliable high quality aviation connectivity service
  • Ka-band spot beam technology plus unique steerable beams
  • Upgradeable bandwidth to respond to increasing demand
  • Guarantee of continuous improvement in performance and bandwidth economics to meet demand as it grows:
  • GX5 in 2019, GX6A in 2020, GX6B in 2021; and beyond, GX7, 8 and 9, our generation of satellites already committed and scheduled are more powerful, flexible and scalable than any before
  • Arctic coverage through GX 10A and GX10B, Inmarsat’s first HEO satellites provide additional capacity across the arctic and at higher elevations

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