The future of connected aviation

Agenda-setting, industry-disrupting and standard-raising – Inmarsat represents the past, present and future of aviation connectivity. Passengers and air travel operators alike have reaped the benefits of our services for decades and, thanks to a number of new technological developments, our offering is now stronger than ever. 

The mobile satellite company

For 40 years, Inmarsat’s satcom services have been developed to serve customers on the move. We have an unrivalled understanding of the particular technical requirements of mobile customers, and have built a proprietary network to deliver for them, whether in the aviation industry, the maritime sector, or working with enterprise, governments and emergency and relief organisations.

Aviation connectivity experts

More airlines rely on Inmarsat’s connectivity services than any other provider. We connect over 90% of the world’s long-haul commercial aviation traffic – over 16,000 aircraft. We’re also the leading provider for the business aviation sector. Inmarsat has been a key member of the aviation community for over 25 years, and an important partner of aviation authorities worldwide.

Airline-shaped broadband

Unlike competitors, Inmarsat has developed a wholly-owned connectivity network specifically engineered to meet the needs of aviation customers and their passengers. Global Xpress, the world’s first truly global Ka-band network, provides a foundation layer of highly efficient spot beam coverage worldwide. Then GX’s unique steerable beams add and redirect capacity precisely where airlines need it most, across the busiest flight routes and airline hubs. And because every airline has its own priorities, our services can be customised to meet specific operational needs.

World-leading services

Inmarsat services set the standard for aviation connectivity. GX Aviation for commercial airlines and Jet ConneX for business aviation offer reliable, high quality, high-speed passenger broadband right across the globe. The European Aviation Network (EAN) comprises a pioneering integrated satellite and air to ground solution, while our legacy safety service – Classic Aero – remains the market leader in flight deck communications. And now, SB-S (SwiftBroadband–Safety) will deliver the next generation of safety and operations services for the cockpit. It’s the most comprehensive and innovative suite of connectivity services from any provider.

The complete connected aircraft

Inmarsat is the only aviation broadband provider capable of connecting the complete aircraft, from cabin to cockpit. Our world-leading passenger solutions are complemented by our industry standard safety and operations services. And only Inmarsat can provide the distinct services for cockpit and cabin that ensure the security and integrity of critical flight deck communications.

Seamless global coverage

Inmarsat’s services offer reliable, consistent, high quality broadband wherever our customers fly. World-leading technology delivers uninterrupted connectivity globally, with no dropouts as aircraft pass across, or between, satellite beams. We’ve consigned to history the makeshift patchwork of disparate services that have frustrated the aviation industry for years.

Wholly-owned networks

Each of our satellite and supporting ground networks are wholly owned and operated by Inmarsat. This means we control the service that we deliver our customers, giving us the flexibility to provide tailored solutions, and the confidence to commit to a guaranteed data rate for each of our services.

Complete connectivity partner

Inmarsat is a comprehensive and flexible partner for aviation customers. We can provide a fully managed cabin connectivity solution, or, if our customers prefer to self-manage, any of the services to help them do so. These include the provision of bandwidth to the aircraft with flexible pricing structures and the management of installation, integration and maintenance of on-board equipment.

We can provide ISP services, aviation-specific applications and introduce ‘over the top’ content providers. In other words, everything passengers need to connect. And we can deliver the purchase and ecommerce platforms, aggregate advertisers, sponsors and affiliates, and then provide the data analytics services that help airlines make the most of the commercial opportunities.

Investing in innovation

Inmarsat is a proven innovator. In the past five years we have invested billions in industry-leading technologies and infrastructure. Global Xpress is the world’s first global Ka-band satellite network from a single provider. SB-S is the recognised next generation of flight deck safety and operations services. EAN is the first of its kind, an integrated satellite and air to ground solution, demonstrating our commitment to innovation beyond satellite communications. We also work closely with our partners to develop new and inventive on-board technologies. Inmarsat will continue to innovate to meet the changing demands of the aviation industry.

Future proof

As air traffic continues to grow, and the use of high bandwidth applications continues to accelerate, the demand for satellite capacity is only going to increase. Inmarsat is committed to continuous improvement in network performance and bandwidth economics. The Global Xpress satellite network comprises four launched satellites that cover the globe, and eight further satellites will be launched from 2019, (GX5, GX6A, GX6B, GX7, GX8, GX9, GX10A and 10B) to deliver further Ka-band bandwidth, providing exceptional Global Xpress capacity to ensure even better coverage and reliability going into the future.

As an established, stable, well-capitalised business, Inmarsat has the financial strength to invest alongside growing demand. We have a fully funded pathway of future satellite launches, new network innovations and service enhancements, making Inmarsat a future-proofed partner for the aviation industry.