Jet ConneX brings high-speed broadband to business aviation

Reliable, high-speed inflight Wi-Fi that’s accessible globally isn’t just a nice-to-have on business jets, it’s a necessity. And for those looking for a high performance solution that’s robust enough to deal with increasingly data-hungry passenger needs, Jet ConneX is the answer.

While inflight internet access has only recently evolved from novelty to near-essential on commercial flights, Kurt Weidemeyer – a Senior Vice President at Inmarsat Aviation – points out that demand has long existed in business aviation.

“Corporations use private jets because they realise it's a more efficient and more effective way to move their executives around the world,” says Weidemeyer. “They have a lot of investment in these people and so want to make sure that when they’re on a plane, they’re able to work in the most efficient way possible.”

Bombardier Global 5000 in flight

Perfectly suited to business aviation

Jet ConneX delivers a high-speed and reliable  Wi-Fi service wherever you fly. Coverage is global and seamless. Inmarsat owns the Global Xpress satellite network behind Jet ConneX, so the service is consistent when crossing continents and time zones. The ability to ‘steer’ connectivity in real-time wherever it’s needed around the world also gives Jet ConneX a singular advantage – one that’s perfectly matched to the needs of business aviation.

“Business aviation doesn’t have a defined path” Weidemeyer adds. “A jet could fly from LA to Hong Kong, and then onto São Paolo, all at short notice. So passengers care about getting good inflight broadband globally – and it had better be consistent. It has to work the same everywhere.”

According to Weidemeyer, consistency is Inmarsat’s major strength. With Jet ConneX, there are no phone call or video-conference disconnections. Vital business data can be accessed as readily as on the ground and passengers can enjoy the same secure access to office resources as at their desks. It’s also the only business aviation solution to offer a guaranteed data rate globally. As data requirements rise, upgradeable bandwidth, at a low cost per MB, gives operators the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and maximize their return on investment.

More bandwidth means better services

Greater bandwidth means Inmarsat Jet ConneX widens the scope of other cabin services, too. It provides data speeds capable of supporting video-streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), live TV, file transfer and VPN access. Just about everything that makes business fast moving on-the-ground here moves just as fast at 40,000ft with Jet ConneX.

With the ability to relay ‘live’ telemetry data, Jet ConneX also offers new revenue opportunities. For instance, charter service and fractional fleet operators can streamline billing by downloading usage data direct from aircraft in flight, rather than have to wait for the information until after they land.

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