SB-S - Inmarsat Aviation

The transformative SB-S platform delivers game-changing visibility into airline operations

SB-S (SwiftBroadband-Safety), Inmarsat’s next-generation satellite communications platform, ushers in a new era of global airline operations. Delivering unparalleled visibility into airline operations, SB-S transforms the role of satcom from a safety utility to a unique source of strategic value.

  • Fuel and CO2 Savings: Flight route optimisation thanks to EFB apps for live charts and graphical weather
  • Better Asset Utilisation: Pre-position parts for improved turnaround time and reduce medical diversions with telemedicine
  • Increased Capacity: Increased periodic position reporting and voice calls over IP enable reduced separation minima
  • Secure, assured safety: Encrypted, segregated network with better than 99.9% L-band availability

To find out more about real-time visibility into global operations with SB-S, download our whitepaper

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