Aviation CAP Programme: the cutting edge initiative that allows app developers access to SB-S

Giving new applications airtime to expand safety and operations benefits to airlines worldwide

Inmarsat Aviation’s Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme is now live, created to test, optimise and certify third party commercial apps for use on its SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) platform. The programme provides a catalogue of connected safety and operations applications, allowing airlines to focus on the benefits of digitisation without having to worry about integration risks.

Currently in service with Hawaiian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and United Airlines – and selected by Airbus for its popular A320 and A330 fleets – SB-S is the first satcom platform designed to meet the needs of the modern flight deck by providing global, high-speed and secure IP broadband connectivity to the cockpits of the world’s airlines, with a growing range of applications that improve safety and operational efficiency.

These include real-time graphical weather updates, flight optimisation and crew workload reduction applications. CAPP will help to introduce many, many more. By using Inmarsat’s SB-S as a platform, new apps will gain exposure to areas otherwise unreachable on land, sea and air. The aim is to offer innovative products that bring operational efficiency, flexibility and cockpit benefits to all of Inmarsat’s airline partners.

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Enabling the trailblazers of tomorrow

The Aviation CAP Programme opens the door to the aviation industry for established application providers and developers, serving as a platform for those wanting to expand their business, increase application usage and open new revenue streams globally. It involves a two-step certification process to test and optimise applications compatible with SB-S.

Game-changing resources and support

A large suite of benefits awaits app developers whose applications are certified by the Aviation CAP Programme. These application providers receive an expanded eco-system of expertise and technical support, ranging from test environments and software development kits to promotion in Inmarsat’s ‘solutions labs’ – which increase awareness of new apps amongst its customers. Every application provider will also get an exclusive Inmarsat badge of certification for marketing materials, showcasing the application’s credibility and acceptance for use over Inmarsat’s networks.

CAP programme partners

The list of Aviation CAP Programme partners for Inmarsat's SB-S platform is growing quickly with a wide range of applications becoming available.

Provider Applications
FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Automated Flight Information Reporting System
Lufthansa Systems Lido Charting
PACE Flight Profile Optimizer
SITA FOR THE AIRCRAFT Weather Awareness Solution (eWAS)
Smart4Aviation Electronic Flight bag
Vistair DocuNet™ Document Management System
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Fully flexible for every provider

The Aviation CAP Programme supports both commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ applications that might require simple optimisation and applications that require more development and integration before use on Inmarsat networks.

John Broughton, Vice President, Safety and Operational Services, at Inmarsat Aviation said: “SB-S sets a new standard for flight deck communications, ensuring the aviation industry can take full advantage of IP connectivity in the air, today and in the future. Our new Aviation CAP Programme not only opens up a wealth of opportunity for existing applications providers and developers to further their innovative solutions, it means we can offer the heightened safety and streamlined operations applications airlines demand.”

Paving the way for digital transformation in the sky, Inmarsat will continue spearheading the airline industry’s evolution with the Aviation CAP Programme, part of a wider company initiative to bring the benefits of third party applications to its customers.