Air time



How passengers are making time fly by in the sky


Inflight entertainment (IFE) is evolving.

The days of boarding a plane and switching on a seat-back screens to tune into the entertainment offering could be numbered. Thanks to inflight connectivity, passengers are increasingly bringing their own devices on board so they can watch what they choose, when they choose. Board, connect to the network, select a boxset and relax.

Thanks to Inmarsat services such as GX Aviation and the European Aviation Network (EAN), high bandwith requirements no longer means endless buffering.

With this in mind we thought we’d take a look at what passengers might be streaming, based on the duration of their flight. Flying between Los Angeles and London? That’s the perfect amount of time to catch up on season one of Stranger Things. Or for those dying to binge on series three of The Walking Dead, the 12 hr flight from Paris to Singapore is the one to book.

Check out the infographic to see what else passengers could stream during their flight.