Seven things you need to know about Jet ConneX

Powered by Inmarsat’s Ka-Band Global Xpress network, Jet ConneX offers the fastest global satellite data rates in business aviation

Jet ConneX promises a brave new world of inflight connectivity for business flyers. But what exactly are the benefits and how do you get it installed on your jets? Here we break down the next generation in connectivity with answers to the most common questions.

What is Jet ConneX?

It’s a big deal for business aviation. Jet ConneX means that, for the first time ever, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi will be available to business flyers worldwide. We’re not talking dial up-style connectivity that just about keeps up with email. It’s actually a step change from the inflight Wi-Fi that you might be used to and will offer speeds and reliability fast enough to stream high quality video. Essentially, the broadband you get in the air will be the same as the broadband you get on the ground. It’s not just inflight Wi-Fi for passengers either. Real-time data to and from the cockpit can help reduce flight times and improve fuel consumption. 

How do you cover the world and also get it to work for busy areas?

Inmarsat owns and operates its own network of three satellites which cover most of the earth’s surface. In areas of high traffic, steerable spot beams can provide extra bandwidth as required. A fourth GX satellite is launching this year, which will add an extra 33% capacity. Jet ConneX is the only connectivity solution to offer a Committed Information Rate (CIR) worldwide.

What level of data do I need?

Let’s see,  sending a few emails needs just a little speed while live TV streaming or participating in an inflight video conference needs a lot more. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of the speeds (bandwidth) you’ll need to run your favourite applications. Fortunately, there are a number of packages designed to target different types of use – everything from light email, web browsing and social media to heavy video streaming . Generally, you will only need the higher use packages if you’re watching a lot of video or have multiple people streaming video. For many users video is now a critical part of their business but that also means you can watch the Superbowl live or check on the financial markets. Anything you can do with the internet on the ground, you can do with Jet ConneX in the sky.

Application Bandwidth
Voice over IP (VoIP) 64Kbps / 0.064Mbps
Internet / Email 400Kbps / 0.04Mbps
480i Video / YouTube Streaming 500Kbps / 0.05Mbps
1080p Video Streaming 2000Kbps / 2Mbps

Is Jet ConneX future-proof?

Yes. Upgrading satellite capacity and software/hardware innovations underway mean that Inmarsat has an ongoing and funded programme of satellite launches, with a fourth GX satellite due in orbit later this year. 2020 will also mark the year for additional payloads, with the delivery of two I-6 satellites. Just as importantly, owning its satellite network gives Inmarsat greater flexibility and responsiveness and means that it can always put its customers first. The company’s network operation centre controls and ‘flies’ a fleet of satellites. Inmarsat is also the most experienced and widely used satellite communications operator for business aviation. The company has over 20 years of experience and its services are used on the business jets of 90% of the top 25 Fortune-500 companies.


What STCs are there?

STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) already exist for over 30 aircraft from all major manufacturers. STC updates are issued regularly. 

G5000/6000 Complete by OEM
G7000/8000 Expected Q4 2017 by OEM
CL650/605/604 Complete by OEM

G650 Completed by OEM
G550 Completed by OEM
G450 Expected Q4 2017 by OEM
G4 Completed by Standard Aero
G5 Expected Q4 2017 by Standard Aero

319 Completed by OEM
320 Completed by AAC
330 / 340 Completed by AMAC
330 Completed by EAD
319 / 320 / 321 /330 / 340 Completed by Lufthansa
330 / 340 Completed by Sabena
330 Expected Q4 2017 by OEM
310 Expected Q4 2017 by RCI

737-700 / 737-900 / 777 Completed by AMAC
757 Completed by HON
737-700 Completed by Jet Av
737-700 Completed by Lufthansa
767-300 Completed by RCI
777 / 787 Expected Q4 2017 by GDC
747-400 Expected Q4 2017 by Jet Av
767 Expected 2018 by Jet Av

7X Completed by DAS Wilmington
F900 / MF900 / MF50 / F900EX Completed by Standard Aero
7X / 8X Expected Q2 2018 by OEM
900 / 2000 Expected Q3 2018 by OEM
5X Expected Q4 2018 by OEM

Who do I buy the Jet ConneX service from?

Inmarsat has a global network of specialist distribution partners. They offer packages on a monthly subscription basis which include technical support, billing and services designed to manage usage and optimise bandwidth. They can also help with installation, cyber security and supporting equipment such as Apple TV and Slingbox.

Rockwell Collins/Arinc Direct                                   

Satcom Direct            

Honeywell GoDirect              

Sita OnAir                   

What equipment do I need?

The system is available exclusively from Honeywell Avionics. It includes a fuselage or tail mount antenna and radome, an RF unit, Wi-Fi router, an antenna control and a modem.