The right connections

Want to run the Jet ConneX broadband service on your business jet? Here’s how.

Inflight broadband on business jets is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Business passengers want VIP service in just about everything they do, including their inflight Wi-Fi. It needs to be fast, reliable and consistent – around-the-clock, everywhere and anywhere. Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX fulfills those needs.

It’s the world’s only high-speed broadband service for business jets. Powered by Inmarsat’s wholly-owned Global Xpress satellite network, it uses Ka-band bandwidth and spot-beam technology to give business flyers the internet speed and reliability that they’d expect in their office.

The Global Xpress satellite network comprises three satellites that cover the globe, and a fourth is on its way, which will ensure even better coverage and reliability. 

Each satellite operates 89 highly efficient Ka-band spot beams supplemented by the network’s 24 unique steerable beams. These steerable beams, three times as powerful as spot beams, can direct additional capacity to high-traffic airspace during peak times giving greater ‘regional depth’. It means high traffic routes like the North Atlantic or American West Coast can be covered more effectively.

So the service is ready to go. Here’s the hardware that can make it happen.

The equipment

Inmarsat has partnered with Honeywell for its connectivity equipment needs. The following kit helps to create a seamless inflight broadband experience, offering data rates up to 15Mbps – with the industry’s only data rate guarantee. Installation can be slotted in to fit with regular maintenance or inspection schedules.

The beams are received by Honeywell’s JetWave antenna, mounted on the exterior of the aircraft (tail-mount or fuselage, depending on aircraft type) and protected by a streamlined radome. The innovative antenna is designed to deliver a high throughput of data and can be positioned for optimal signal uptake.

Alongside the antenna, the KRFU Ka-band frequency unit controls and converts the throughput on the antenna, and is a high-power amplifier for transmitting the signal.

The KANDU provides power and positioning control to antenna, and interfaces with the KRFU – it also takes the data through from the antenna to the modem manager.


The MODMAN modem manager is the overall controller of the system – it controls the KRFU and through it the antenna, and provides user interfaces and built-in tests for the whole system.

The Aircraft Personality Module plugs into the MODMAN and stores airframe and customer specific information for the terminal equipment, such as user operational preferences.

The MODMAN contains the iDirect Modem which feeds through to the routers providing Wi-Fi signal to passengers in the cabin.

The equipment is lightweight – to minimise fuel burn – and robust, which maximises time between maintenance. And, for installation, the receivers can be fitted with standard tools, minimal labour and much less downtime than other terminals. It takes days, not weeks, to get fully connected.

Just like Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network, Honeywell’s antenna and connectivity hardware is continually being optimised, to ensure private jet operators can face the future with confidence. Because business leaders deserve a leading-edge service.

Ka-band Satcom Terminal
Network Support
Operates on Inmarsat Aviation's Global Xpress Ka-band network
Fuselage-mounted antenna (MCS-8200) or Tail-mounted antenna (MCS-8000)
Both systems include a common RF and antenna controller, modem & router
Maximum Bit Rates
Tail Antenna System:
To aircraft 4.5-12.0 Mbits/sec
From aircraft 0.7-1.8 Mbits/sec
AC Power
Multi Ethernet data
ARINC 429 from aircraft navigation bus
System Hardware
- Size 5" x 14.3" x 7.5" 4 MCU
- Weight: 12.9 lbs
- Size: 3" x 14" x 9"
- Weight: 10.4 lbs
Fuselage Mount Antenna
- Size: 37" swept volume x 9" high
- Weight: 82.6 lbs
Tail Mount Antenna
- Size: 13" x 12" x 13.7"
- Weight: 10.0 lbs

No drop-offs: only reliable connectivity

Thanks to its dual receivers, JetWave enables critical ‘make before break’ handoffs between satellite beams. This is unique. Other solutions have built-in outages every time a terminal needs to be ‘handed off’ between satellites, adding significant service interruption and downtime for users.

Supplemental Type Certificates

Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) already exist for over 30 aircraft from all of the leading manufacturers, and additional STCs are on course to be achieved by 2017, including:

STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) already exist for over 30 aircraft from all major manufacturers. STC updates are issued regularly. 



G5000/6000Complete by OEM

G7000/8000Expected Q4 2017 by OEM

CL650/605/604Complete by OEM



G650Completed by OEM

G550Completed by OEM

G450Expected Q4 2017 by OEM

G4Completed by Standard Aero

G5Expected Q4 2017 by Standard Aero



319Completed by OEM

320 Completed by AAC

330 / 340Completed by AMAC

330 Completed by EAD

319 / 320 / 321 /330 / 340Completed by Lufthansa

330 / 340Completed by Sabena

330Expected Q4 2017 by OEM

310Expected Q4 2017 by RCI



737-700 / 737-900 / 777Completed by AMAC

757Completed by HON

737-700Completed by Jet Av

737-700Completed by Lufthansa

767-300Completed by RCI

777 / 787Expected Q4 2017 by GDC

747-400Expected Q4 2017 by Jet Av

767Expected 2018 by Jet Av



7XCompleted by DAS Wilmington

F900 / MF900 / MF50 / F900EXCompleted by Standard Aero

7X / 8XExpected Q2 2018 by OEM

900 / 2000Expected Q3 2018 by OEM

5XExpected Q4 2018 by OEM


The equipment is also certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for safety, environmental and installation standards. 

Who do I buy the Jet ConneX service from?

Inmarsat has a global network of specialist distribution partners. They offer packages on a monthly subscription basis which include technical support, billing and services designed to manage usage and optimise bandwidth. They can also help with installation, cyber security and supporting equipment such as Apple TV and Slingbox.

Rockwell Collins/Arinc Direct                                                                 

Satcom Direct            

Honeywell GoDirect             

Sita OnAir